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3 Ways to Improve Your Body Language and Become a Better Event Producer

Working in events can be electrifying. Yes, it is a fast-paced and thrilling industry. So, if you want to get your teeth into brand activations, concert planning, fashion shows or trade events, you have come to the right place. Being an event producer or manager is slightly different to working for one. However, being an event producer is an additional responsibility because you are the head of a team. The hard work is shared and creative chores advantage from a group effort, but you are the decision maker. It is your work to influence vendors, clients, customers, and brand ambassadors that your event planning team is the only one they need. To be the best event producer, you need to look the part. It is important to remember that humans make choices based on more than facts. Body language is a secret missile in this industry, so learn how to convey the right image.

No Weak Handshakes

Hand shaking is the form of greeting someone. It defines your personality. It might sound like an old-fashioned concept, but there is lots of power in a handshake. Women are expected to give weak handshakes, so make sure that you offer them a pleasant surprise. On the other hand, men can end up shaking a little too firmly. The important thing is to relax and let your personality come through.

Put Your Phone Away

Whenever you are in a meeting with vendors or clients, give it your full attention and get involved in their discussion too. People feel bitter about they are only half listened to and constantly checking a phone is bad manners. The same goes for persistently checking the time. The best thing to do is set the alarm on your phone if you need to leave at a particular time. If you are expecting a call that cannot go unanswered, get the discomfort out of the way early. Let everybody know in advance.

Curb the Fidgeting

As an event manager, you have to present an image of belief, reliability, and quiet self-confidence. You cannot do this if you are always scuffling papers, playing with your tie, or tapping your feet. It makes a person look nervous and unpredictable. On the other hand, fiddling is not always associated to nervousness; some people just can’t help it. If you are one of them, channel it into a practical task. Take notes instead of curling your hair or clicking your pen.

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