While we would all love to have sufficient staff to meet each and every event need which is often easier said than done. When finance and logistics restricts the count of paid staff members you can get to your event, fulfilling the gap of staff members with volunteers is a magical solution. Following are some tips to make this happen:

  1. Some of the volunteers you are going to hire may know more about your event than you do. Yes. It is right! While managing so many events, we all might have worked with experienced volunteers who have been on-event with us year after year doing the same works. They have all the knowledge and experience to handle their position properly. If you had staff over-seeing their area, strike that from your staffing model. Empower your volunteers and feel confident in their ownership.
  2. Assess your pool of volunteer to determine the skills and resources available. Which volunteers are considering for more tasks? What are their expertise? Rather than finding the volunteer to fit the job, find the jobs to fit the volunteers. Find the task to fit the volunteer rather than finding volunteer to fit the task.
  3. Feedback! Connect with your important volunteers and ask them what tasks or positions are needed to yield a successful event. As they are experienced in such events, they can share insight on ways to re-distribute your workforce and volunteers and minimize the requirements.
  4. Encourage your key volunteers to high-ranking leadership positions. Consider giving volunteer leaders the chance to wear a staff shift. By adding that pinch of glitter, you will support your leaders to shine and feel self-confident to hold their fresh opportunities.
  5. Reward the volunteers! Of course not financially. This will defeat the purpose. Reimburse their expenses of travel and meal, as you do for your regular staff. Find ways to show them that you recognize their contribution and find it valuable.

Shower your volunteers with love, whether they step up to “staff’ roles or not. It is essential to remind them of their value to your event and emphasize the crucial impact of their involvement. If your volunteers feel valued and respected, they will definitely come back to your event after event, year after year and will step up with pride and more responsibilities.

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