It might seem to be an easy task but setting up the perfect stage for your event might get more challenging than you anticipate it to be. Sure, it will be easy to set up a stage for speakers or presenters as compared to the kind of a stage that you will set for a performance. However, while doing so you should not miss the tiny details that will help the speaker get his message across with ease.

Many little aspects that need to be taken care of include the stage height, lighting, the right selection of microphones and other integrated sound system and also the stage layout. Sometimes, even the seating of the audience will depend on the stage layout to an extent.

In this article, we have made a list of all the things that you need to consider while planning your stage for the event.

Correct height of the stage

While you work on setting the stage height, what you should keep in mind is the line of sight of the audience. Depending on this, the most comfortable height needs to be chosen for the guests. All your calculations will also depend on the clear available height inside the venue so decide accordingly. As the available height varies, the height of the stage can go up to 5 ft.

Use good lighting

The lighting for the speaker is one of the most important aspects of setting up the stage. It is rightly said that the lighting is the only element that will help you fill up your stage. So when you’re at it, pay enough attention. Also, make sure that the lighting that you plan on having is enough for all the corners of the stage which might require any sort of lighting. If the speaker is going to be moving around, make sure there is enough light or him too.

Audio should be loud and clear

The sound arrangements should be such that the sound is distributed evenly across the space in which your audience will be sitting. The placement of the speakers should be at evenly spaced intervals. There should not be any feedback.

Good sound system

Always coordinate with the speakers about the kind of mic systems that they prefer. While some might want to deliver their talks or speeches on the lectern, some might want to walk around. Be prepared with different kinds of mic systems like lapel, cordless or the stand. Also, the sound system should be integrated for all these possibilities.

Always Brand the Lectern

Branding the lectern can be one of the most basic things that need to be done. All the different venues will have different lecterns and they must be branded to make them look presentable. The branding needn’t be extravagant. Just the company logo and the color theme that will go with the entire stage design should be sufficient.

Keep it simple

The stage needn’t be too elaborate on the design. Something simple and elegant should always do the work. After all, you do not want to distract the attention of the audience from the speakers.

The convenience of the speakers and the utility of the available resources should be always kept in mind.