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The Indian event management industry has long been at the forefront of experiential marketing, trade shows, product launches, and other high profile event planning projects. It is because its leading figures are highly adaptable and open to change. These event planners and directors of product activations know that to stay on top, you need to be at the front of the queue when it comes to upcoming trends. Event planning, perhaps more so than other industries, is very sensitive to cultural developments. So, it is important for event organizers to have access to the best technology and tools available.

Paper Name Tags

In the 21st century, traditional paper and plastic tags are a little old fashioned. Not only are they hugely inefficient, from an environmental perspective, but they also look primitive. Guests just don’t want to be walking around conferences with a name badge anymore. Digital smart codes and tags are the future of the industry, because they cannot be lost, altered with, or copied.


It has been many years there was the tradition of PowerPoint. It is a staggering quantity of time for one piece of software; however, the fact is that other tools have caught up now. Besides, guests want more than just a slideshow. They need dynamic pictures, video footage, live streams, music, and social media feeds.

Feedback Forms

Feedback is, of course, enormously valuable. It is an essential part of working out how successful product launches, experiential marketing events, concerts, and other projects have been. If you’re still handing out paper forms, though, you want to update. They take far more time and energy to complete than digital questionnaires and data is less likely to get lost too.


It might sound weird to say that cash is out-dated, but there’s no getting around the fact that it is on the way out. In fact, several countries now including India are essentially trying to become ‘cashless,’ and depend on only electronic forms of payment (credit cards, Paypal, contactless). So, if you do not permit card payments on site, you are limiting your ability to earn a profit.


Big, massive programs have long been the norm at things that trade shows and brand expos, but they are not so important. Some guests are still firm with paper antiquity; however, most agree that a digital booklet or online breakdown is much more appropriate. Going paperless will save event organizers a tonne of cash. There aren’t any printing charges, nobody needs to spend time allotted to them, and it is much kindlier to the environment.

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