Events & Videos

Have you ever noted how many videos are being made at corporate events lately? But what exactly are they being used for? Certainly, nobody is sitting down to watch hours of a conference they couldn’t attend. Yes, you are right. Maybe somewhere, someone is watching hour upon hour of conference footage, but it’s pretty unlikely. Those cameras are […]

4 P’s of Event Management

Unlike marketing, event management has 4 Principles to follow. Let us have a look once. Planning: Planning is the most crucial Ps of event management. Know his stuff and show yours: Event planning starts at the pitch level itself. If you want to bag the event, plan for the pitch. A thorough homework before the first […]


We all are known to the fact that technology is changing the world. But how has technology changed events? It has changed the way we are able to communicate, the way we consume information and the way we shop. And it does not stop there, the event industry is forever changing to meet the demands of […]