One of the most random yet interest questions we are asked at least once in our lifetime is “If there is one celebrity you could meet, who would it be?” this stirs up quite the imagination inside our brains which makes us dwell deep into the thought of what it would be like to meet with our favourite celeb or to just be near them and see them for real. While we may not be so lucky, the ones who do get to be this lucky are their managers. I am talking about the glamorous yet tedious task of celebrity managers, who even though get to penetrate through the limelight and mingle with the celebrities, actually have to go through a lot to get their jobs done.

Celebrities have the best life, as we all presume most of the time. They have thousands and millions of fans; they enjoy popularity, money, luxuries, and whatnot. We often even aspire to be like them or some of them at least. What we do not know is that they too are mere human beings just like us, and having so many eyes on them all the time as well as having to complete so many tasks in a day, it almost becomes impossible to remember what to do and how to do or when to do what. This is why, they have their own personal managers, who we know as celebrity managers. Let’s discuss what celebrity management is all about.

Celebrity Management – What is it?

Celebrity management has become quite the popular line of work in the past couple of years, especially with the rise of young talent and their demands. Celebrity management companies are basically companies who specialize in providing individuals for celebrities or people of such fame, and such individuals have a strict set of skills which allows them to manage the daily hustle and bustle as well as the hectic schedules of the celebrities. Multitasking and time management are very often considered as the most important skills of celebrity managers.

The personal relationship between a celebrity and their manager is quite eminent in celebrity management. A celebrity’s focus lies in highlighting themselves but it is the focus of his or her manager to make a prominent brand out of that individual. Celebrity managers are usually the ones who ensure that the celebrity stays focused on their own goals and guides the celebrity in the required steps that need to be taken.

Celebrity management usually involves a 360 degree brand and celebrity fit services, including portfolio management, endorsement management, appearance, grooming, strategic PR (Public Relations), digital presence management, etc. After that comes the ‘event triangle’ – turning sporting events into sponsorships, big-league sports, and those sponsorships into promotions. Other aspects of the work include understanding the media, various sponsors, the broadcast industry, merchandising goods, endorsements, future issues, and so forth.

Average Day of a Celebrity Manager

To us mere audiences, the life of a celebrity manager must seem glamorous, frivolous, and all that jazz. But in reality, all that is just a part of the job. A celebrity manager has the hardest task of keeping up with the celebrity’s daily schedule and making sure every single task is checked off, done, and dusted.

The life of a celebrity manager is never the same; every day is different most of the time. Whether the client is an actor, a model, or a musician, the manager collaborates with their promoters and agents to make sure that the celebrity is finding the best work and assignments that are available in the market. In fact, celebrity managers pretty much manage the entire lives of celebrities that they’re assigned to. The manager establishes their day-to-day schedules, outlines the long-term goals with respect to their career, and may also step in if the manager himself faces an issue with another member of the crew, for example, firing of an agent and sourcing out a new one. Even though the manager may not make the final decisions of the star, several things will require their final say like the stylist hiring, various contracts, meetings, etc.

Celebrity management isn’t all business, because, most of the times the manager becomes very close to the celebrity, which is pretty normal due to what the job entails. In fact, if you’re a celebrity manager, you might think of yourself as his or her parent, considering the many duties that you have. Celebrity management is a job that requires a lot of focus and patience at the same time, because the entire day’s schedule of the star depends on you, and it is up to you that his or her day has been completed after completing all the objectives. After all, you wouldn’t want to be a part of a scandal because of your celebrity missing out important stuff, right?

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