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A book launch is a crucial moment in the life of any author. It is the culmination of months or even years of hard work and investment. It is a big moment for every person who has played any role in making the book possible. Whether the book makes a splash in the market or loses traction within a week is secondary to making sure that the launch event is a complete success and one that will be remembered by everyone involved. That’s quite a bit of pressure! Below, we list a few pointers to keep in mind as you get started with the organization.


  • CROWD: Most book launch events are a mix of celebrating the author’s achievements with friends and family, and introducing the new book to potential endorsers and the press at large. If your event were to revolve around only one of these audience types, planning would be a fairly simple task. However, organizing for a diverse audience which has different needs and expectations from the same event is not as easy. Sit down with the author to understand how they want the launch to pan out and which of these groups they wish to focus on more. Also, figure out the sort of environment and the goal that this event hopes to achieve. From there, you can begin making a plan that outlines these goals, divides the work involved in different categories, and focuses on the various activities and people who will be involved in the
  • MEDIA: The media plays a vital part in making sure that the book in question is marketed to the world. Any launch event that hopes to gain attention will need the media to spread the word. The media should also be well prepared for the event, and it helps if you put together a few essentials to brief them about the book, the author and the story that goes with it. Also, make sure they have access to the author and publisher and have free reign when it comes to getting people’s opinions about the book. Having a specific person or team to guide the press in the right direction and to the right people can also work wonders. Remember to contact the press again the following week to jolt their memory about the launch and make sure that your event gets the best possible coverage. It may sound like a whole lot of effort, but it will be worth it if done
  • PROMPTNESS IS VITAL: Starting all the proceedings early, from looking at caterers to sending out invitations, can be a blessing. Book launches are hardly an easy task, and piling on work for the week before the event can bring about a lot of unnecessary stress. Sending out the invitations early is especially important because your crowd is going to be from many different fields with varying work commitments. Some may slip it into their schedule with easy, while others may have trouble squeezing in the book launch at all. Giving people enough time can help them sort out their commitments so that your event has more participation. Moreover, getting caterers, venues, and all the little things for the launch can be a tiring job, and starting in advance will help you remain professional
  • BOOK READING: Getting the author to read an excerpt from the book can be a great way to focus people’s attention on the person who should be the star of the event. Launch parties are hardly a success unless the author ends the day with showers of attention. Getting them to read the book can also get the audience and press more interested in the book itself. Since the author is bound to be passionate and familiar with the book, book readings are usually an emotionally strong event and something that can be covered well by the press for reporting the event. Remember to inform the author about this well in advance, and make sure they are prepared to read aloud to their

These pointers should be enough to get you started on planning a big and successful book launch event. Good luck!

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