How To Find A Venue For A Corporate Event

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When you are planning a corporate event, it’s important to be well planned, organized, practical, and efficient regarding the pre-requisites of the event which are the deadlines, bookings, research and budget through which you can go ahead for developing the whole structure. So, whether you are planning a conference for your customers, partners or for multiple multi-national companies, the right space makes all the difference.

For a corporate event, an event management team requires social networking, team building, and collaboration, so that the employees can trigger tighter bonds amongst themselves and can learn to work together effectively within a company.

There are three things that majorly affect the choice of venue for a corporate event and that are: Location, Capacity, and Budget. To broaden this concept, here is a list of tips which can be inculcated while choosing a location for your event:

Accessible: The accessibility of the location of the event is the base for maximizing event attendance. Accessibility happens to be the major factor in choosing an event’s location. Before determining the location, ensure that appropriate transportation is available for the attendees so as to reach the venue, so may it be by air, rail or road. Also, confirm that there is ample parking available at the venue for those attendees who chose to drive to the venue.

Suitability: Does the venue’s image reflect the best authenticity of your location in the invitation card? It’s imperative that the venue clearly depicts the originality in the image that you are trying to project. Also, it should be appropriate to at least that extent; that it easily triggers your target audience. Also, place your attention towards the stakeholders and sponsors that they seem to be satisfied with whatever you have selected.

Budget: Budget constraints should be considered from the start. However, if you have found the perfect venue for your event, ask the venue’s team that whether they can consider lowering the cost in exchange for a multi-year contract. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for your own benefits.

Ask an Expert: Just a piece of advice from an expert will make your work comfortable and feasible. It might be an event management company that knows Mumbai’s venues inside and out, upside and down and in any way that you need to know. These companies know all the managers personally, they know when you’re getting a bad deal, and they’ll let you know when a venue might not work because of something extraordinary that is required to be handled in your event.

Discover all Options: Now you’ve decided upon exactly what you’re looking for, it’s time to assess all the options. This will widen and limit your choices as per the niche of your event at the same point of time. The venue which suits the most with your desired proposal, you may book the same.

Visit the Venue: After all the digital surveys, you will finally have to leave your digital screen and get to a few of the venues to shortlist your appropriate choices. Photos on their websites will offer you a vivid picture of the venue, but to really contemplate the space and visualize the whole event in that space, you need to visit it. Also, you have to get a close and personal view about their management’s team.

Staff at the Venue: Find out the venue’s staff ratio to determine that is there enough staff to attend the attendees, manage the technical department, and can offer security to your whole venue. Also, you need a venue coordinator who can assist you with any issues that may arise during the entire course of the event.

Facilities Available: Seek out a venue that has all of the components that you will require for the event. This includes audiovisual equipment, stage, and microphones or mikes. You also have to be cautious about setting up the venue as per the demands of the event, paying attention to seating arrangements and sponsor areas.

Book Entertainment: When choosing a venue, it’s important to find a place that has entertainment options for the event. An event, especially a corporate event, can be boring if it does not have enough entertainment value. You can have interactive shows like karaoke, fun games, team-building games, a music band, guest speakers, or comedic performances to entertain the guests. Whatever you book, make sure that it is apt for your target audience’s personality and values.

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