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We all are known to the fact that technology is changing the world. But how has technology changed events? It has changed the way we are able to communicate, the way we consume information and the way we shop. And it does not stop there, the event industry is forever changing to meet the demands of these technological advancements, and here is a list of 5 ways in which they are:

  • Mobiles/ Devices

Mobiles and electronic devices such as tablets have become a staple part of our daily lives. They offer the user to be able to stay connected with the world through methods such as social media, and give the user a sense of togetherness that event organizers/managers should relish. Being able to keep your audience aware and involved is key when it comes to marketing your events. Using these devices in your events can also benefit you. You can share and store information easily through means such as Apps and these can then be used to access information about the event that would otherwise be harder to source, i.e. floor plans, schedules etc.

  • Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is seemingly becoming the future. With companies bringing out Virtual Reality devices, our eyes are only limited to see what our imagination can create. This immersive technology allows you to show your guests through areas of the world and allows them to interact with it. As this technology is somewhat new, it is fascinating to think how this kind of technology will develop, both in the event industry and the world itself.

  • Online Registration

Allowing your guests to register for your event online saves both you and your guest time. This may seem obvious but it is an essential part of the market now. Filling out registration forms online help you maintain your attendee’s and keeps them up to date with any news or information you wish to share with them.

  • Live Streaming

It is now possible to attend an event without leaving your home. Live streaming has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years and offers companies the chance to host events online and even more accessible via Facebook in 2017. Doing so makes events instantly more accessible, from people who live in other countries, to people who otherwise would not have been able to attend. Broadening the range of audience that you bring in is a great way to popularise your brand and get yourselves out there!

  • Social Media

Social Media is one of the biggest forms of communication and connects people together from all around the world. It gives the user the ability to share and consume information on many mediums and utilising this for events is now very popular. Sharing information for your events and using features such as Hashtags streamlines the way in which you and your events can be found online, so get Hashtagging!

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