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No one knows more than event planners how precious a 3-day weekend can be. That extra day without client calls, clients meeting and requirements or team meetings can mean the world. Not everyone in events gets to enjoy the break. Many enjoy working on community events or other seasonal festivals.

 But for those who can take advantage of a 3-day break? They know how to maximize the benefits.

 Successful event people plan their time off, just as with everything they manage. They are aware that it’s far too easy to let the long weekend fly by without truly feeling the advantage. So whether they are looking for some extra rest or hoping to wrangle the to-do list to the ground, here are 12 things successful event planners do before and during a long weekend.

They plan ahead at the office

If they want to truly take some down time and avoid working at all on the long weekend, they start early or stay late in the days ahead to finish up work that they might normally tackle on a weekend. Most importantly they take care of pressing tasks that would pester at them if not complete. They organise their workspace before they leave the office. They know a clear mind is one that can rest and reactivate.

They set their “to do” list for the first day back

They know everything, for instance, if they pre-plan what needs to be done from the beginning i.e. first day back, they can walk away from work already prepared to jump back in after a 3-day break. This provides significant relief from the continuous mental review of awaiting tasks.

They make plans

They buy movie tickets, plan a surprise for their wife/husband, make a dinner reservation, schedule activities with the kids or otherwise actually plan time for anything they want to do. They identify that this will help provide the break they are looking for. Left to chance the time off could slip away without having done anything they were hoping.

They work if they have to (but schedule it)

Sometimes taking the entire long weekend off is impossible due to schedules or some urgent requirements of clients. If that’s the case successful event people schedule their work time so it doesn’t spill over into all three days. They set aside and plan one full day or part of a day so they have the rest of the time free.

They spend time with the important people in their lives

It might be really difficult to find quality time during the week or when the schedule is distressed. So a 3-day break is a perfect time to turn off work and concentrate on the ones they love. They know that extra time with the most important people in their lives can be very grounding.

They take care of tasks

They know that the extra day can be the perfect time to get those irksome chores out of the way that there never seems to be time for. With still two other days, even if one entire day is spent getting the home to-do list cleared up, it’s worth the peace of mind when the busy schedule at work really kicks in.

They plan on for some “unplanned” time

As event planners, their planning doesn’t stop with scheduling appointments and outings for themselves too. They also plan for true down time. The relentless schedule can turn off for a day (or two or three) while they recharge and rest. They know unless they actually plan it they could fill the time with no end of activities.

They get outdoors

They believe that some fresh air and the sunshine can go a long way to recharging the batteries of mind and heart. It’s a great solution for all the time spent in the office and on site in stuffy meeting and convention facilities.

They do things that re-energize their passions

They know that the day-to-day workload can be tough and can easily overshadow interest for the things they love. They find time to have some fun and engage in activities that fuel their creative spirit. They know that purposeful attention to keeping their passions alive is critical to success.

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