destination wedding guide


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Weddings are a stressful affair, to begin with, and even more so once there is a dream location brought into the picture. The challenges are numerous, from figuring out the guest list, to optimization of the site, to keeping the whole event grand and personal at the same time. Below, we tell you a few basic things to keep in mind, to begin with, so that you are not overwhelmed by the whole situation.

destination wedding guide

• Guests: Your guest list must be a consistent priority for you throughout the entire wedding planning process. It will help you in deciding where you need to allocate funds and how much you can expect to spend per person. It is the basis for determining all the finer details. You may need to tweak plans or rearrange some aspects throughout the programs, but the other option would have been tweaking the list itself, which can be a horrible idea. Remember to tell guess about the plans well in advance if there are tickets and accommodations involved. It is also a good idea to get RSVPs so that you can get an accurate estimate of your crowd and plan everything accordingly.

• Site visits: It is essential for you and your decorators to visit the site of the wedding well in advance so that you will have a clear picture of the sort of area that you will be working with. Because there are chances that your wedding will have a less traditional setup due to the location, there is a lot more planning involved and far more complicated plans. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to understand the nuances of the entire place so that you can plan things out slowly and do not get stressed before your big day.

• Hire professionals: Destination weddings are a lot of work and intricate planning. It can be helpful if you spend your time and money wisely by investing in a decorator or wedding planner who is well experienced with these situations and can guide you about proceeding with various aspects. They can also stop you when they feel that your plans have become too ambitious or they think there are possible improvements which can be made. Planners are usually better equipped to understand surroundings and to suggest ideas for decoration which you may never have considered. Using local supplies such as flowers may have never occurred to you previously, but they may come up with beautiful ideas about involving them in your event.

• Location: For obvious reasons, this point is immensely important. There are chances that you have planned out the location well in advance and know exactly what you want the entire event to look like. Make sure your venue seems possible and is appropriate for your event and crowd. There are chances that the place holds some significant value to you as a couple and you should be very careful about how you handle it. Most importantly, make sure that it is possible to control a wedding of that magnitude at your location.

• Carry essentials in hand: This is a point which cannot be stressed enough. Your outfit will be one of the most critical parts of the wedding, and probably one of the things you are most likely to stress about. If you are traveling to your location, make sure you keep the dress and all required material in hand. If traveling by plane, it is best that you don’t check-in anything major related to the wedding. This can save you a lot of worries and reduce the chances of mistakes or misplacement when you are very close to the main event. Just make sure that you are extra careful while carrying your things around.

destination wedding tips

We hope that this has helped get you started with the plans for your big day. Remember that the most important element is to have fun, and try not to stress yourself out with small details. This is an important day, and nothing should be able to ruin it. All the best!

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