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4 P’s of Event Management

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Unlike marketing, event management has 4 Principles to follow. Let us have a look once.

  1. Planning:

Event Management Company

Planning is the most crucial Ps of event management.

Know his stuff and show yours: Event planning starts at the pitch level itself. If you want to bag the event, plan for the pitch. A thorough homework before the first meeting is highly suggested. Read as much as you can about the client, the industry it is in, its products and services, its competition, besides a visit on the LinkedIn accounts of client executives you are scheduled to meet.

Take the ‘brief’, as detailed as possible: The first thing is to interact with the clients is to take a detailed brief. The major objective behind detailing is not just to impress the client with your knowledge quotient but to arrive at the cost sheet as well. If you miss too many things, you’ll have to pay for them through your margin as the client takes certain deliverable as a given.

Value-add as much as possible: Help the client arrive at the event sequence, and agenda points as well if possible. If the client is doing the event for the first time or has no idea of what should be done, you can give references of the events executed in the past and take him/her through the suggested plan. Educating the ‘first-time-event’ customer is an effective way of selling as he then begins to ‘see’ the event as you would want him/her to.

Documentation is a must: Submit a formal proposal along with a list of deliverable and associated cost preferably in a proforma invoice format and ask for a formal agreement, work order etc. Make your terms and conditions explicit, leaving no room for any ambiguity, especially when it comes to advance payments and payment schedule.

  1. Promotion:

Event Management Company

Communications edge: You may have the largest of the screens at the event but what’s the point if the banquet meant for 1000 people has only 100 people watching them. Promoting your event, therefore, is an absolute must. Call up your contacts in the media and get the best advertising rates or a barter deal for them, something they could not have managed on their own. Help the client do pre-event PR, event PR, social media marketing etc. This supplements the delegate registration process as well.

  1. Preparation

Event Management Company

Not making a checklist is a sin: Prepare a checklist of items to be bought or rented, services to be rendered, the preferred vendors/suppliers and their backups along with their contact details – landline as well as mobile phone numbers. Most of us in the event fraternity carry two mobile phones or have a dual SIM phone. You should have all possible numbers including those of their deputies or juniors on your list.

Resource allocation / delegating duties: Calculate the number of days to the event (reverse calendar) and break your work plan into smaller, achievable parts. Your team members should be aware of their responsibility as well as escalation points very clearly. This helps event managers to screen performers from under-performers too.

Value-additions cement customer satisfaction and repeat business: If you possess knowledge and experience, what use are they of if you simply hold on to them and not impart them to your client…someone who has placed his trust on you would pay you for it and may place repeat orders as well. Put one of your expert staff on the job and mentor the client, assist him in his event speeches, presentations and videos, venue selection, pre-event rehearsals etc. Impressing the client is half the job done, if you are able to impress his invitees too and they give him a positive feedback, the client will be yours for posterity.

Pre-event meeting & rehearsal: Practice makes an event near perfect. If it is possible, event rehearsals must be done. Circulate the event sequence printouts amidst all, do a re-check on the duties assigned and the coordination that the teams have to do amidst themselves.

Ensuring safety and compliance: Ensuring required licenses, structural safety and fire compliance, traffic management, an ambulance with all required medical facilities etc. are event manager’s responsibility.

  1. Performance

Event Management Company

Again, performance comes from planning. Deliver what you have promised and planned for…be it numbers in terms of attendance, execution of the innovative concept, impressive décor and unveiling of the product being launched, personalization in the event theme, innovative concepts, maximum media presence and coverage thereof, mind blowing performances (achievable only if you planned for the best of artists), celebrity coordination, technical aspects – sound and light arrangement, out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to event photography and video production, crowd management, event security or for that matter event souvenirs (something they’d use and appreciate). Remember, proof of the pudding is in the eating!

We are from Radiance Vision. If you want to that your event should be successful then do contact us.


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