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Makeup as we all know is how we express ourselves with products which enhance our eyes, lips and skin. One such way that many Latinas express themselves is by the use of chola makeup. What was once a Mexican American subculture, has now turned into a full-fledged makeup trend. Celebrities and many women of Latin American descent and even non-descents have tried this kind of beauty makeup. In fact, over time, chola makeup has transformed from this harsh form into a cute chola makeup. Wondering how to do chola makeup? Read on! Golden Rules Chola makeup is all about the eyes and lips, so you have to have very good eyeliner and a light or even dark coloured shiny lipstick. Choose a lipstick which does not have matte effect. The essence of chola makeup is to have shiny and very puckered lips. Eyebrows of a chola girl are arched and very high, as well as pretty thin. If you don’t want to mess with your eyebrows, you can easily create the illusion of shaved eyebrows. Here are some of the products you can use in this how to do chola makeup tutorial: Eyebrows: Avon blackest black E/L, M.A.C Carbon Your eyebrows should be on focus in this kind of makeup. Once you have covered the most of your eyebrows with foundation (to create a shaved look), start drawing a thin and arched eyebrow. Make sure you have a very surprised look. We can’t help you here-that’s the way a chola girl rolls! Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Now is the time to dress up your eyes right. Use generous amount of Mascara to really define your lashes Face: Artistik 88 pro palette Black, Airbrush foundation, concealer Your foundation should be flawless and pale. Hide all blemishes with some good amount of foundation and concealer. Cheeks: Revlon merlot at midnight Use some blush on the apples of your cheeks to give that rosy and dewy effect. Some chola girls tend to have a lot of blush for an exaggerated look. You can choose to have it or not, it all depends on you! Lips: NYC plum lip liner, MAX Pink lip-gloss (These both have a plumping effect which is very essential in a chola makeup) Plump up your lips girl!

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