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The Most Important Metric for Event Success

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event management companies in mumbai


The Most Important Metric for Event Success

Successful events often attract the one who is attending the event. They not only attract but do it efficiently. If you as an event manager want to recognize how efficient your event is at growing attendance, there is only one and only one factor available i.e. conversion

Conversion means transformation. It is the point at which the receiver of the marketing message performs desired action on it.    Tracking conversion rates for your marketing activities tells you which ones are working and where you are wasting your budget. This indirectly helps you to earn more money.

Here are the ways to measure the efficiency of your event promotion activities/strategies.

Track your website conversions

The registration page which you have included on your website is the most important thing for the attendees and paid registrations. This is why it is crucial to know how effective that page is.

Thus to measure your registration process rate, you have to use some digital marketing strategies. Firstly, you have to pull the total number of the website visitors from your web analytics. Second is to compare the number of people who registered with respect to the total number of visitors.

So you can use conversion rate to determine how effective your event website is turning interested buyers into committed event-goers.

Track your email conversions

Keeping track of email metrics like open rates and click-through rates can help you know how effective your emails are — and where you can improve.

Your open rate indicates how strong your subject line and name of the sender are performing. These are the most important arenas for convincing recipients to open your email (let alone read it), so it’s critical to monitor their performance.

Tip: If your open rates are lower than the industry average, the ways to recover that number is to test different subject lines and different names of senders. Keep a record of what’s performing well and what’s not, so you can use that data to inform your future email campaigns.

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