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The Best Way To Market An Event

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event management companies in mumbai
Marketing is the most essential skill in today’s times. You have got to be riding the wave of popularity if you want to make an event successful. The kind of people attending your event speaks volumes about your market position. So, it is highly recommended that you get more and more support for your event. Promotion in network marketing is the highest paid skill. The number of people you can get who can make a positive decision about going to an event is really crucial to your pay grade.  

  • Promote, not announce – people generally mix promotion with announcement. They go, ‘Hey, I have got a hundred tickets’. This is simply announcement and it doesn’t mean promotion. Then, there’s a category of people who would invite people to go with them, if they are going. That’s not promotion either. So, announcement, invitation are not at all promotions. Promotion is another level. Promotion is something that helps people make a decision, letting them them know the value and the benefits, telling people that you are committed to it. Getting into the promotional mode is letting people know that this, implies to a particular event, is available. Promotion is repetitive, constant, enthusiastic, excited, benefit oriented.


  • Prizes or awards – targeting a particular section of the society is not that difficult. But when it comes to attracting hordes of people because of the nature of your event, then it becomes a task. The key to targeting a wider base of audience is introduction of giveaways like prizes or awards. You could do such giveaways before the event or after the event. Like, before the event you can hold contests which would help people win tickets for your event. This will help them get the knowledge of what the event is all about, what to expect in the event etc. This would also help build the intrigue in the audience regarding the actual event. They would be curious and excited as they have won the tickets and this would want people to accompany them, which would help create even deeper reach into the audience base. Also, you could give away certain promotional coupons, prizes etc. after the event, so that people remember it and it also helps in creating a loyal customer or audience base. They would want to attend your event again in future because of these tiny, considerate gestures. They would appreciate your generosity and effort more. So, they would definitely want to attend such an event again and the next time, they would have also built a chain of people who would be interested in attending the event because of the positive feedback given by the peers.


  • Recognition – people love recognition and such positive attention which guaranteed their presence in the good books of people associated with their business or industry. Make sure that your event has provisions to recognize certain people, whether generous donors, regular attendees, loyal customers or exceptionally talented network marketer. This love and support will let them know of your consideration and respect for their work and efforts. This kind of fame and positive attention garners even more audience as they would also want work their way to make it to a respectable position and get recognized by the event managers. For obvious reasons, active participants are having more chances of getting recognition rather than all of the other attendees.
  • Create an event within the event – this is part of dynamic events. Where you are free to experiment. You could hold small contests within the actual event. This makes your event highly interactive and thus, engages more and more people into the happenings around your event. This builds up interest and people get more involved and they feel like becoming part of such small, encouraging events or contests within the bigger event. You could also have small arenas pertaining to different areas of interest. These would help in targeting different and varied sections of the society.
  • Host hotels – hotels where the event is going to take place plays an important role in your promotional campaign. You could forward certain facilities which are offered by the hotel and put it in your promotions. This assures the major clients or attendees to have a great time along with reaping benefits out of the event. Recreation is, as we know, really essential for having a great, successful event. Providing such relaxed environment before the event has multifaceted benefits. It’s like a win win situation for the event managers as well as other entities involved in the process. They get to publicize the location and the hotel gets more clients in the form attendees as well. The company gets to serve its event attendees and eminent personalities and the people also have a great time relaxing before and during the event. This eventually results in a totally enriching experience for all the people associated with the event. This is one of the aspects of promoting the event, which has both indirect and direct implications for the event.
  • Publicize the speaker or eminent personality, if any, coming to your event – marking the presence of people gracing your event is absolutely essential. Eminent speakers, influencers in your niche market, other personalities in your industry, even your contemporaries have to be recognized. This makes sure that your event is seen as a warm and friendly gathering of minds over business or personal relations. What matters here is the big picture. The presence of bigwigs of your industry makes your position evident in the market. It is as the case is now, that having influential people in your contact list matters a lot. So, inviting these people and recognizing and publicizing their presence speaks a lot about your market position. These personalities are also going to gather more crowd in the form of their individual followers. These followers would then come to know of your business and event and thus, it helps in gathering more support and love in the form of a larger number of audiences. You could promote your event and capitalize on these personalities position in the society.


These ways are definitely going to help you promote your event, be it small scale or large scale. There’s no one way to promoting an event, it’s an interplay of multiple factors. The factors listed above are surely going to make your event successful if implemented properly.

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