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In this blog, I will be mentioning various ways of how to get your event idea sanctioned by executives, pitch for event sponsorships and aim at making marketing partnerships with executives.
It’s hard to convince the business executives. They want competitive and strategized ideas so as to stand out of the crowd. They aren’t demanding much as the actual market needs something creative and unique so as to categorize it as a successful event.So, how to impress your executives? How to get your event ideas signed by the executives? How can you prepare yourself to pitch your ideas? To help you to answer all these questions, here I am listing down some tips that will enact as a perfect guide to pitch your event ideas to the executives:

Make sure that your events support the Organisational Goals: Every executive is concerned about the organizational goals. Therefore strategies, plans, costs, revenues and so on should be taken into account on a primary note. Do mull over these points while devising your event idea.
Other points that should be considered while focussing on organizational goals are:

  • Attaining new customers
  • Old customers retention
  • Increase in share value
  • Increase in investors
  • Improve customer support
  • Increased brand value
  • Wider brand recognition

Know about executive’s priorities and preferences: Executive’s goals are mostly linked and combined up with the organizational goals but sometimes, they may have their designated goals and targets which they have to achieve.
Often it depends upon the type of executive you are pitching to:

  • Chief Executive Officers are focussed on profits, new ideas, and innovations.
  • Chief Financial Officers prioritize revenues, sales, investments, capital, and credits.
  • Chief Marketing Officers aim at improving a brand’s value and recognition, public relations, and sales.
  • Chief Operations Officers consider daily and customary activities.
  • Chief Technology and Chief Information Officers main motive are to maintain and improve the company’s IT and technological resources.

Prepare a presentation of your event idea: After you have collected data about what your executives want, make a presentation that will highlight the main features, idea, and prospect of your event. Your presentation should explain the reason that why your audience should know and attend your event. Make sure that when you present your data, it is framed in a simplified and a comprehensible way so that your executives can get through all the points comfortably. Don’t use difficult and big words, so that your event idea remains clear to everyone. Also, stay to the point and avoid repeating and adding unnecessary stuff. Focus on the facts. Be clear about the motive behind your presentation. Above that, give your presentation an interesting title so as to attract your audience. Also, if possible, rehearse your presentation as much as possible before pitching it to the executives so that you can act confident.

What are key factors to the success rate of your event: What are the key factors that will make your event a success? You need to list and mention them all while you are pitching to the executives.You can invite a guest speaker for your event. According to the budget, you can decide which will be the best celebrity to grace your event. That celebrity will help you to promote your event on a larger scale. This will help you to make your event big which will be more appreciated by your audience and it will increase your reputation as an event planner, it will increase your reputation as an event planner.
You can draft invitation emails and cards which can be sent them to your target audience. Further on you can ask them whether or not they will attend the event. Make it easier for them to answer. It can be a poll where they have to click just one button. This will help you to know the exact number of people attending your event.
After the main highlights, you shouldn’t forget to share your backup plans in case of any contingencies.

Be prepared for the questions that can be asked: There can be a series of questions that can be asked from you about the event after you have projected your presentation. Maybe, they won’t understand some of your points or maybe they are unsure about whether your idea will work. Therefore, prepare yourself in such a manner that you can answer each and every question with prompt responses. With this preparation, you will sound confident and clear with your thoughts. This will be an acknowledgment for the executives that how much dedicated you are towards your profession.
For detailed and impressive answers, use references and real-life examples so as to explain your ideas. Widen your approach and think for the best possible answers. Above that, invite them to ask as many questions they want to. This will help you to demonstrate yourself as an efficient event manager.

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