Tips for planning a destination wedding

Tips for planning a destination wedding All the things are ready to go. The shopping is done and families have arrived with the big smile on their faces and probably they are in the happy phase of their life. Something new is going to happen and the two hearts will come together forever. But wait! […]


An award ceremony is the biggest opportunity to reward your employee’s achievements. These events are beneficial to the hardworking employees who are committed to employee engagement.As a creative events management company, we understand the special ingredients that will positively promote your brand, and leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons. Here are some […]

Events & Innovations

  There are two keys ways that innovation comes into play in event management. Events open up entrepreneurial opportunities for suppliers who develop new offerings for attendees at festivals and events. Successful innovations lead to the creation of new jobs and by default, economic growth. Suppliers in India are creative and there are some really […]

Events & Videos

Have you ever noted how many videos are being made at corporate events lately? But what exactly are they being used for? Certainly, nobody is sitting down to watch hours of a conference they couldn’t attend. Yes, you are right. Maybe somewhere, someone is watching hour upon hour of conference footage, but it’s pretty unlikely. Those cameras are […]

Are you making these event marketing mistakes?

Event marketing is growing at a rapid rate in our country. Various Corporates promotes their brands through events like trade shows, galas, seminars, conference and the most trending events like live streaming and webinars. This makes available with a lot of reference points from which we can learn from the mistakes as well as from […]

4 P’s of Event Management

Unlike marketing, event management has 4 Principles to follow. Let us have a look once. Planning: Planning is the most crucial Ps of event management. Know his stuff and show yours: Event planning starts at the pitch level itself. If you want to bag the event, plan for the pitch. A thorough homework before the first […]

Top 10 Hits of Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar was the celebrity legend of the music industry. He was the best playback singer, actor, lyricist, composer, producer, director and screen writer. He is the successful personalities of Bollywood industry and people still love his songs. His songs were, are and will be evergreen in everyone’s heart. Kishore Kumar was the youngest child […]


Event Company needs an effective team to support, help and engage with each other to work efficiently. Our team building activities can take many forms, whether it can be formal or informal we can provide indoor, outdoor and evening entertainment to suit your objectives. Building a successful and effective team is critical to any event […]