Top 5 celebrities with most followers on Facebook

Shakira The most popular celebrity on Facebook with 104,567,537 page likes. She is the first person on Facebook to cross 100 million followers on Facebook.  She always keeps the page live by posting personal messages to her fans. Vin Disel Vin Disel, who is most popularly for Fast And Furious series, really enjoys fan interaction […]

Sonu Nigam tweets against Azaan!!!!

On Monday morning, the world famous singer of Bollywood, Sonu Nigam started tweeting against Azaan which gave rise to controversies. There were series of a tweet by Sonu Nigam against Azaan. Azaan is called out by the muezzin from the mosque five times a day gathering Muslims for mandatory worship. The very first call is […]

Tips for Successful Event Planning

Now-a-days the demand for event management agencies have increased to great extends. We get to see news related to huge events like fashion shows, corporate seminars, product launching events, royal weddings, etc. These all events are generally managed by good event managing agencies. In order to manage such events, they require details about events like […]